Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SublimeText - Light Weight IDE

There are some cool IDE on the internet that can easier our develop app, some of these is best other is just like another IDE. We recommend SublimeText for handy and light weight IDE, and there are a lot of plug ins that can increase our productivity.
you can download IDE for SublimeText here and find a lot of plug ins here. We also recommend use portable version as it's handy to use to another PCs where we on trip of course.

CodeIgniter, HMVC modules

HMVC for Hierarchical Model View Controller, is a modular web framework for easy develop our apps. Whenever we add, delete or edit our modular app, its not effect to any of our app. its like stand by it self and not related to other modules. but if so, we also can interact our modules to another modules one to one or one to many base on necessary.

We have to download extension if we want to make codeigniter modular. we can get to github project or googling by keyword "HMVC CodeIgniter".

CodeIgniter, Hello World!

Below is step how to create our web using Codeigniter. I don't want to describes what Codeigniter is, But we straight to the point how to create web using it.

All step,

  1. Download CodeIgniter framework,
  2. Xampp, tools for develop our app in localhost.
  3. FileZilla. tool for upload our web file to hosting service.
  4. SublimeText. IDE for writing our apps